Wrap Around Tray Packers

VF 50 TR

Up to 12 trays/minute


VF 100 TR

Up to 20 trays/minute



The “VF TR” series is composed of wrap-around tray-formers, usually combined with Shrink Film-wrapping machines that pack a collation of products in display tray and bottom trays.

The range includes machines for low speed requirements (for higher speeds CFM WR + LA + BM” model in “Overlap film wrappers”)

All lines have a cardboard magazine with storage capacity suitable for the required speed and with easy loading while machine is running.


  • 90° infeed on single or multi-lane
  • Customised product collating system
  • cardboard magazine on board
  • Reliable blank pick-up
  • Cardboard blank loading during machine operation
  • step-by-step working or in continuous motion according to the required speed
  • Quick size/format change-over
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Mechanically robust and reliable design.



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