Efficient and reliable Casepackers

Wrap-around Case Packers

Suitable for packaging in wrap-around boxes, display boxes, exhibition trays, or bottom trays from a blank flat cardboard wrapped around grouped products. The different models are designed to adapt to customer projects and can offer solutions for a wide range of applications and speed requirements. Flexible grouping systems are available according to the nature, shape, and rigidity of the product.

All lines are built according to strict CE standards (European safety standards) and with maximum performance to meet the most stringent quality requirements.


VF 50 WR

Compact Automatic Casepacker

Intermittent operation

10 to 15 cases/min (600 to 900 cs/hr)

With Automatic format changeover as option


VF 100/200 WR

Automatic Casepacker

Continuous operation

15 to 25 cases/min (900 to 1500 cs/hr)

With Automatic format changeover as option


VF 300/500 WR

High-Speed Casepacker

Continuous operation

30 to 100 cases/min (1800 to 6000 cs/hr)

With Automatic format changeover as option



The “VF WR” series consists of compact wrap-around packers suitable for packaging boxes, display boxes, display trays, and bottom trays. Equipped with a flexible grouping system.

If required, the line can be designed to allow manual or automatic insertion of a partition. These machines can be combined with film shrink wrappers.

All lines have a cardboard warehouse with storage capacity according to the required speed and with easy loading possible during normal machine operation without stopping it.


90° or in-line infeed, depending on the line layout
Customized product grouping systems
Integrated cardboard dispenser
High-reliability cardboard pick-up system
Cardboard loading while the machine is running
Step-by-step or continuous operation cycle depending on the required speed
Quick size/format changeover
Easy maintenance
Robust and reliable mechanical design.


→ Packages with minimal clearance to prevent product shifting.

→ Low-cost, eco-friendly packaging material.

Equipment with box forming, loading, and sealing processes in a single machine.

→ Compact, robust, and reliable equipment.

→ Easy to integrate with a film wrapping device for additional packaging options (links to film wrapping machines).

→ Versatility: the same machine can produce various types of packaging; the customer can choose the most suitable combination.


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