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Aerosols & LPG containers, Beverages, Chemical, Coffee, Flour, Sugar & Spices, Food & Frozen, Home Care, Oil and Wine, Paint, Personal Care & Cosmetics, Pharma, Rice & Pasta, Snacks, Cereals & Beans

Description and Characteristics

A range of compact and reliable machines, suitable for packing in American cases. The various models are designed to suit the customer’s projects and can offer solutions for most different applications and speed requirements. Case Forming, product loading and case closing processes are integrated on a single equipment. Flexible collating and loading (SIDE/TOP) systems are available depending on the nature, shape and rigidity of the product. Diverse stacking and Pick&Place devices are available depending product and speed requirements.

All lines are built according to the strict EC standards (European safety rules) and achieve the highest performance to meet the most severe quality requirements.


  • Side/Top Loading series available depending on project requirements.
  • Equipment with case forming, loading and closing processes on a single machine.
  • Compatible with a variety of sorting, stacking and pick&place devices available  
  • Compact equipment, robustly built for reliability.


The “PK” series is composed of the most reliable Top-load American case packers. These machines can pack a collation of products in American boxes by inserting the products in the open top of the previously squared carton via a flexible and reliable pneumatic pick & place system, with a flexible and reliable pneumatic pick & place system. They can be easily combined with a case closing device. (CSN or CSC)

These machines integrate a device with carton loading belt, product collation system with an efficient pick & place device, which can be provided with a single or multiple lanes infeed conveyor according to the production requirements. 

Its special configuration along with a high loading capacity permits it to bear multiple and heavy heads with short cycle times. The flexibility and its wide working capability make the pick-and-place use the ideal solution for a broad variety of packing solutions.


  • PK 500 up to 12 cases/minute
  • PK 900 up to 25 cases/minute


  • Customized product collating system 
  • Integral cardboard magazine
  • Integrated reliable case forming device
  • Highly efficient Pick & Place system
  • step-by-step operation
  • Quick size/format changeover
  • Mechanically robust and reliable.
  • High capacity carton blank magazine, loadable while the machine is in operation. 
  • Anti-collision, self-centering system.



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