Technical Support

Technical Assitance: Impianti Novopac disposes of a team of specialized technicians with the objective supplying a fast response to customers’ needs, minimizing equipment downtime and optimizing operative efficiency.

Remote Assistance: Our technical team may give traditional on-site or remote assistance with online tools, troubleshooting calls and modem access according to customers’ necessity.


We understand speed is crucial when related to customer’s production continuity and that high operative efficiency and uptime means saving money. That’s why we manufacture equipment with high quality parts to work with the highest performance and endurance. With more than XXX Machines running 24/7 around the globe, fast response it’s a mayor priority. Stocks management, parts replacement planning as well as agile logistics are essential for delivering the highest standards support.

Equipment Upgrades

Equipment Upgrades: Our machines require to meet markets needs and requirements through their long-lasting operative lifetime. Therefore, our after-sales engineering team is available for any customers’ request for modifications, upgrades or improvements. Also will be offering technical modifications which are developed to upgrade older models.

  • Size/format Changes
  • Automation Upgrade
  • Meet new standards
  • Improve performance/speed
  • Integration of new peripheral equipment
  • Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Extend lifetime

Maintenance Services

We Design and deploy tailored maintenance services, according to each customer needs. Our technical knowledge and expertise at the service to bringing equipment to zero condition.


We provide standard and customized training to enhance your team know-how, capabilities and skills to achieve the ultimate performance improvement.

We organize training courses to improve operators, maintenance personnel and line managers to improve daily basis activities, operations and production efficiency.

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