Seal-Bar Film Wrappers – Semi-Automatic


Description and Characteristics

This range of machines represent the solutions for medium and high speed shrink-wrapping projects. It is a development of the original core equipment stream manufacturing that has made Novopac a worldwide leader in the packaging industry.  These lines are distinguished by robust design and build, leading to reliability through a technological synchronised film overlap system and a safe and efficient shrink tunnel. The lines are designed for the collation and packing of products in multi-packs to be protected from dust, dirt, and humidity. Flexible collating systems are available depending on the nature, shape and rigidity of the product.

All equipment is built according to the strict EC standards (European safety rules) and achieve the highest performance to meet the most demanding quality requirements.


  • Reliable and efficient machines based on over 40 years of experience
  • Customised manufacturing to suit any special customer requirement
  • Easy integration of other secondary packaging processes for additional packaging alternatives (e.g. labelling, ink jet, although not supplied by us).
  • Special design of the Shrink-Tunnel for maximum product safety; the heat is absorbed by the film, the product remains cold (successfully validated for food, frozen and flammable products).
  • Final packing visual quality aimed either for Industrial or massive consumption products distribution.


This series of machines are composed of semi-automatic shrink-wrappers ideal for small industrial requirements or when certain packing procedures are required only from time to time. These machines are extremely versatile and capable of wrapping most kinds of industrial products that fit on the work-top, thus achieving protection from dust, dirt, water/humidity etc. Special operational safety design for manual operation on the semi-automatic models.

ME and PS models are compact mono-blocks with manual loading and step-by-step functioning which integrates film wrapping, sealing and shrinking processes on a single machine. Depending on the product requirements which model suits better.


  • safety manual operation
  • suitable for packing in film-only or with pad or tray support
  • Reliable seal bar assembly with minimum maintenance
  • Integrated shrinking operation 
  • Quick and easy changeover, no additional tools are necessary
  • Mechanically robust and reliable design.


  • Up to 8-10 packs/minute 
  • Seal bar length: min. mm 500 – max. mm 1800



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