Impianti Novopac s.r.l.


Solutions Made in Italy

Machines for the packaging with Ldpe shrink film and wrap-around cardboard

The production program includes:

Impianti Novopac s.r.l.

Machines with seal bar for low and medium capacity

Machines for film “overlap” for high capacities

Impianti Novopac s.r.l.
Impianti Novopac s.r.l.

Case packers for wrap-round cases and trays

Italy is a world-wide leader in the field of packaging and Impianti Novopac Srl have acquired these "typically Italian" entrepreneurial characteristics which are the basis of this supremacy. Through the years, our technical Department has strived, and continue to strive, to find new and innovative solutions to the most diverse packaging problems. more

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